FAQs transition from RBdigital to Libby by OverDrive


RBdigital is moving across to the Libby app by OverDrive      

eAudiobooks and magazines previously available through RBdigital can now be accessed from the Libby reading app from Thursday 25 February 2021 onwards.

Same great content, new app to enjoy them! Learn more at overdrive.com/apps/libby/

Why is the library moving RBdigital content across to OverDrive/Libby app?

OverDrive, a leading digital reading platform for libraries worldwide, and creator of the Libby app, has recently acquired RBdigital in Australia. OverDrive is now consolidating their collections into one platform and will begin to retire the RBdigital app in 2021.

Willoughby library members can continue to access eAudiobooks and magazines previously available through RBdigital on OverDrive and the Libby app from February 2021 onwards.

When will the transition occur?

The transition is scheduled for Thursday 25th February 2021. 

What happens to the current RBdigital eAudiobooks or magazines I have checked out?

Current eAudiobook checkouts will remain available on RBdigital until their lending period ends. After the transition, eAudiobooks will no longer be available to checkout on the RBdigital app or website.

Magazines already checked out and downloaded on the RBdigital app will still be available through the RBdigital app for a short period after the transition. You will need to check out any magazines you wish to read again in the Libby app.

What happens to items on hold or on my wishlist?

Holds will not automatically move from RBdigital to OverDrive/Libby. You can export your Transaction History from the RBdigital website and refer to this list when placing new holds on those same titles on the OverDrive website or Libby app.

Wishlist items will not be moved over, but you can also use your exported Transaction History from RBdigital to create a new wishlist in OverDrive or in Libby using Tags.

A Transaction History can be exported out of the RBdigital website by accessing My Account > Profiles  - then click on the “Export my Transaction History” link. 

Where can I learn how to use Libby?

Find out more about the Libby app and watch the online getting started video or book into a Tech Bar session at Chatswood Library for one-on-one help from library staff and volunteers.

What will happen to my checkout history and wishlists from RBdigital?

Checkout history and wish lists will not be moved to OverDrive/Libby. However, you will be able to mark titles you’ve already read/want to read by using “Tags” in the Libby app.

A Transaction History can be exported out of the RBdigital website by accessing My Account > Profiles  - then click on the “Export my Transaction History” link. Please make sure that you follow this step before February 24th to ensure that your checkout history is not lost in the transition.


How do I sign in to OverDrive/Libby?

You can sign in to the OverDrive platform or Libby app using your library card number and PIN/password. Please make sure to use a lower case "x" when entering your library card number.

If you forget your library account password, you can reset this through the library catalogue

What is the difference between OverDrive and Libby?

OverDrive is the platform/provider that created the Libby app. The Libby app is the convenient way to access OverDrive content on your mobile device or PC.

Will any content be removed in the transition?

All current titles on RBdigital should move across in the transition to OverDrive/Libby.