Where's Gamarada?

Take the family on this neighbourhood adventure walk. 
Solve the clues below to find me and discover local landmarks.
Work out my winning 8 letter word. Then claim your badge of honour at Chatswood Library.
Happy hunting!


Safety first

  • Please take care whilst undertaking this activity.
  • Children under 11 must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times.
  • Cross busy roads at pedestrian crossings on the green light only.
  • Exercise vigilance and caution when crossing roads, carparks and driveways and stay on pedestrian path ways.
  • Hold the hand of a young child when walking across or close to busy roads.
  • Apply sunscreen and wear sunhats during the heat of the day.


Remember to look for the letters hidden on Gamarada’s picture. They make up the winning 8 letter word.
  1. Gamarada has flown to visit a sick friend with Albert and Archer and to see two scaly friends. 
  2. Now Gamarada is in the mood to find out a lot about Willoughby’s history. Can you-seum? 
  3. Gamarada has flown to where LOVE, HONOUR and BROTHERHOOD meet on the Tingha Path. 
  4. Uh oh, Gamarada seems to have visited Wonderland and eaten some of Alice’s cake! Look out for the giant! 
  5. Phew! Gamarada is back to normal size now and is taking a quiet moment to sit and remember our fallen soldiers. Lest we forget. 
  6. If Postman Pat lived in Chatswood, he would definitely stop to smell the roses here with Gamarada. 
  7. Gamarada is quite the ARTistic bird, and is inspired by the many wonderful FACES OF WILLOUGHBY.
  8. Gamarada has flown back home now to slide their way in with the books!
Lastly, present the winning 8 letter word, then claim your badge of honour at Chatswood Library during opening hours.

WINNING WORD CLUE: Gamarada loves to use their library card to watch fantastic stories and do the craft activities on this. 

Need help with our clues? Reveal extra picture clues(PDF, 199KB).

Chinese translation



重要提示:獲勝的單詞由 8 個字母組成,它們隱藏在加瑪拉達(Gamarada)的圖片中。

1. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)飛去與阿爾伯特(Albert)及阿徹爾(Archer)拜訪了 一位生病的友人,還見到了兩個長有鱗片的朋友。

2. 現在加瑪拉達(Gamarada)有興致去了解許多關於 威洛比市(Willoughby)歷史的信息 。你也想去博物館嗎?

3. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)飛到了充滿了愛心、榮譽和兄弟情誼的丁哈小路(Tingha Path)。

4. 啊哈,加瑪拉達(Gamarada)似乎到過仙境(Wonderland),還吃了一些愛麗絲(Alice)的蛋糕!要小心巨人!

5. 噓!加瑪拉達(Gamarada)現在恢復了正常體型,正安靜地坐着,緬懷起逝去的戰士,免得我們忘記了他們。

6. 如果郵遞員帕特(Pat)住在車士活,他一定會停下腳步與加瑪拉達(Gamarada)一起聞聞玫瑰花的芬芳。

7. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)是一隻富有藝術氣息的鳥兒,它的靈感來源於許許多多威洛比市居民的個人肖像。

8. 現在, 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)已經帶著她的書輕快地飛回家來了!

最後,請在 車士活(Chatswood) 圖書館出示獲勝的 8 個字母的單詞以領取您的榮譽徽章。



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