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Gabriel Bergmoser has written THE book of 2020. Wake in Fright meets Jack Reacher, The Hunted is a fast-paced thriller that will have you gasping for breath. With filming for a big-screen adaptation due to start in 2020, the excitement around this Australian debut is unparalleled.

The Hunted is a visceral and fast-paced novel set on a lonely, deserted highway, deep in the Australian badlands. When the novel opens, Frank just wants a quiet life running his service station. His granddaughter has been sent to stay with him to fix her attitude, but she and Frank don’t talk a lot. When a badly injured young woman arrives at the service station with several cars in pursuit, Frank and a handful of unsuspecting customers are thrust into a life-or-death standoff. But who are this group of men and women who will go to any lengths for revenge? And what do they want? Other than no survivors. There is no escape … 

The Hunted is available in our library and from all good booksellers such as Constant Reader which has supported this event.

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Gabriel Bergmoser is a 28-year-old Melbourne-based author and an award-winning playwright.
In 2015 he won the prestigious Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award for his pilot Windmills. His plays include Heroes, which was nominated for the 2017 Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing.
His first Young Adult novel, Boone Shepard, was nominated for the Readings Young Adult Prize.
A film adaptation of The Hunted is currently being developed, with Gabriel writing the screenplay.


  • Tuesday, 06 October 2020 | 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM


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