Library Wi-Fi FAQs

Free Library Wi-Fi enables you to access the internet, conduct research, download and upload files, and send and receive emails via your own laptop or smartphone.

What is the name of the Wi-Fi Hotspot that I must connect to?

Chatswood* Library

*Substitute name of appropriate library at branches eg ‘Artarmon Library’

How do I access Wi-Fi?

By connecting your Wi-Fi device to “Chatswood* Library”, opening your web browser and then accepting the terms and conditions.

Is the Wi-Fi secure?

No- Wi-Fi just provides you with wireless access to the public internet. With any public internet service, security cannot be guaranteed but there are precautions you can take such as using https:// at the beginning of websites.

What happens if I have problems connecting?

Check that your Wi-Fi is enabled on your gadget and it is connected to “Chatswood* Library”. Check that you’ve opened your web browser and accepted the terms and conditions.

For further assistance refer to your user manual or contact your hardware or software provider.

How will I know when I have reached my maximum daily limit?

For laptops, a pop up counter screen will advise you that you’ve reached your limit and your session will stop. For mobile devices like a tablet, your session will stop and you will not be able to log back in.

didn’t see a pop up message - I just lost my connection

Your laptop device must have ‘pop ups’ enabled in the browser or ‘toggled’ on. Mobile devices don’t often show pop-ups at all.

Why is a website that I am trying to look at blocked?

The website may be considered inappropriate. Please contact the library at

How does Wi-Fi identify me?

The network recognises the unique device address.

How can I make my data last longer?

Close any browser windows not being used, stop any movies, turn off any location features on your apps.

What do I need to access Wi-Fi?

A Wi-Fi enabled laptop or portable device such as a smartphone and tablet - e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android. These devices must have a standard web browser such as Safari, Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Can I print using wireless?

You can print from your laptop or mobile device in the library using our web printing service

Can I use peer-to-peer file sharing programs?

No – this type of internet usage is blocked on the network. This is because of copyright, network performance and licensing issues.