Item requests or suggestions

If a specific item isn’t available in our collection, Willoughby Library members can suggest an item for purchase (charges may apply) or request an inter-library loan. Charges apply for inter-library loan requests.  

Requesting an item for inter-library loan

Terms and conditions:

  • Items published in the last 12 months are not generally available via inter-library loan (please try to suggest a purchase below). 
  • A processing fee of $3.90 applies per request.
  • If the item is only available at universities or other charging libraries a higher processing fee will apply per request.

Inter-library loan request

Suggesting an item for purchase

Terms and conditions:

  • If your suggestion is purchased, a reservation is placed on your behalf (a $2.80 reservation charge applies).
  • If the Library does not purchase the item, you have the option to upgrade your suggestion to an inter-library loan request

Requesting print items

Not all suggestions are purchased. Decisions to purchase items are based on the Collection development guidelines

  • If the title is in print and available from library suppliers.
  • The age - for example, published in the last five years.
  • Format and currency.
  • Price - for example, generally under $100 RRP. 
  • Suitability for the Willoughby community.

Requests cannot be taken for titles only available via mail order or online sites.

If we cannot meet your request, a message is placed on your membership record.

Need help?

If you need more help, call us at one of our libraries (excluding Castlecrag Community Library) during opening hours, or email us at