Willoughby House History

The Library holds the Willoughby City Council Rate and Valuation books from 1872 to 1984.

The books can reveal:

  • Previous owners, sometimes their occupation
  • Sometimes previous occupiers and their occupation
  • House names if listed
  • Lot size details and any possible changes
  • Sometimes the original Subdivision or Estate Plan
  • Change in land values
  • When the house was built.

The books do not list additions and renovations to the property – this is available from Council.

Select the sub-collection Rate & valuation books and start your search. There is also the downloadable Guide to the Local History Digital Collection(PDF, 4MB) to assist you in your search.

For more information, read the House Trace Brochure(PDF, 40KB)

For details of your house the Library offers:

  •  a house trace tutorial if you would like to do the research yourself, or
  •  a service where staff does the research for a fee.

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