Willoughby City Library membership is free and available to all NSW residents.  

Become a member to access benefits and experience our diverse programs, services and collections.  

Join by applying online and collect your library card after presenting proof of your name and current address at any of our library locations

Join Willoughby City Library 

Apply for a membership today. View membership information before you start to read our terms and conditions.  

Join Willoughby City Library 

Types of membership 


Adult membership (18+ years)

Adults can sign up for a membership by presenting proof of your name and current address at any of our branches.  

Young Adult membership (12 - 17 years)

Young people aged 15 - 17 years can register for a Young Adult membership. If you are under the age of 18 you will need consent from a parent or guardian. You can supply a signed consent form to complete your application along with proof of ID eg. Medicare card.

Child membership (0 - 11 years)

Children can sign up for their very own library card to start them on the road to literacy.  

A parent or guardian can register a child’s membership by providing proof of ID eg. Medicare card.  

Explore Willoughby City Library’s early literacy sessions designed for for babies and toddlers through to preschool and primary aged programs here

Light membership

This is a temporary membership for members of our community with no permanent address.  

To sign up you will need an official form of ID (Australian residents) or passport (international visitors). We also accept a reference letter from a GP, social worker or supporting organisation.  

This account expires after one-year unless the member asks for an extension or registers for full membership (name and proof of address required).  

Access to our collections includes: 

  • Loan up to 5 items 
  • Loan period of 3 weeks with 2 renewals 
  • Full digital access.

Institutional membership

Institutional memberships are available to all local schools, preschools and early learning centres Willoughby City LGA.  

Written approval is required to apply. It must include the organisation’s name and director’s details. Institutions are responsible for keeping their member details correct and up-to-date.  

Complete the Institutional membership form to apply.

Home Library Services

Residents of the Willoughby City LGA who are unable to visit the library or carry home their library items can apply. See our Home Library Services page for more information and apply using the online form.