Volunteers are a very important part of the Library Service, giving the Library extra scope to provide services and allowing volunteers to directly contribute to their community. 

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Information on volunteering for other parts of Council is also available on the website


IELTS Test Preparation Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help people to prepare for their IELTS Test.  If you are experienced in teaching or marking IELTS Test and would like to help and share your tips with those who are preparing for the IELTS Test, join us.

English Conversation Class Voluntary Teachers

There are opportunities for volunteers to teach English in Willoughby Libraries. If you want to help people from non-English speaking backgrounds to improve their English so that they can adapt to Australian life easily, join us.

Voluntary Storytellers in Korean

There are opportunities for volunteers to tell stories in Korean to children aged 3-5 in Willoughby City Libraries.  If you enjoy working with children and want to help them to learn the Korean culture and develop their literacy skills in Korean, join us.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Library does not currently have any opportunities for Duke of Edinburgh volunteers.