Internet and PC services

You can access the internet and use Office-based software on the self-serve computers at all Willoughby City Libraries (except Castlecrag) for free.

All computers are PC-based and use Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2010 (including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint), Acrobat PDF Reader, and Chrome. 

Free Wi-Fi

Access our free Wi-Fi in all public areas of the library. Simply select 'Chatswood Library' from the list of available networks. You can print from your laptop or mobile device in the library using our web printing service.

Communications over a wireless network are not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop or device can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and appropriate software. It is strongly recommended that you:

  • install all the latest operating system and antivirus security fixes, patches and updates
  • always have your personal firewall software enabled
  • disable file sharing to prevent any malicious users gaining access to your computer.

Library staff cannot provide support to configure your equipment for wireless access.

Please do not leave your laptop or personal belongings unattended. We cannot guarantee the security of your belongings. 

Frequently asked questions

Using Adobe Photoshop at Chatswood Library

The Adobe Photoshop service will no longer be available after Saturday 9 March 2024. We apologise for the inconvenience.

We have one computer dedicated to accessing Adobe Photoshop, located near the Information Desk at Chatswood Library. Simply log in with your library card and PIN/password to use Adobe Photoshop for free!

If you would like to book your computer session in advance, or locate Photoshop resources through the library, please ask one of our staff.

We are unable to provide assistance with how to use Photoshop.

Conditions of use

  • This computer is provided for Photoshop use - for general computer usage, please use another computer.
  • This computer may be used for up to three hours a day, depending on availability.
  • If you have booked in your session and you are more than 15 minutes late, your session will be cancelled.

Duplicating or extending your laptop screen at Chatswood Library

We have one monitor dedicated to duplicating or extending your laptop screen, located near the Information Desk at Chatswood Library.

Use the provided USB-C cable, or your own cable, to plug your laptop into the docking station. Your laptop will then automatically connect to the monitor.

Bookings are not required, but please be mindful of others who also want to use the monitor.


A self-serve scanner is available at all Willoughby City libraries (except Castle Cove, Castlecrag, and West Chatswood). Charges apply for this service, see our current fees and charges.

Printing and photocopying

Printing and photocopying facilities are available at all Willoughby City libraries (except Castle Cove, Castlecrag, and West Chatswood). Charges apply for these services, see our current fees and charges.