Book Clubs and Kits

Willoughby Library Book Clubs

Join a book club at one of our libraries, or borrow a kit for your own book club group. 

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Book Club Kits

Book Club Kits are available for loan from all Willoughby branches (except for Castlecrag Community Library).  

  • The kits include 10 copies of a single book with many including a selection of discussion questions to help get you started.
  • One nominated person from the Club is responsible for borrowing and returning the kits and a Book Club card will be issued to them.
  • The books are available for a 6 week loan period with no renewal.
  • Book Clubs may borrow one kit at a time, a second kit may only be borrowed 3 days before their current book club loan is due. 
  • Books together with the library bag provided must be returned as a complete set during Library opening hours.
  • Reservations cannot be placed on Book Club kits.


 Location  Name  Time
Artarmon Library Artarmon Book Club 1st Tuesday, 3pm-4pm
Artarmon Library  Artarmon Book Club 3rd Thursday, 4pm

Chatswood Library

Japanese Book Club 

1st Tuesday, 3:30pm-5:30pm

Chatswood Library Chatswood Tuesday Book Club 2nd Tuesday, 3:30pm-4:30pm
Chatswood Library Chatswood Wednesday Book Club 1st Wednesday, 1pm-2:30pm
Castle Cove Library  Castle Cove Book Club 3rd Thursday, 1pm
Castle Cove Library Castle Cove Book Club 3rd Thursday, 7pm
Naremburn Library Naremburn Book Club 2nd Saturday, 10am-12pm
Northbridge Library Northbridge Book Club 2nd Wednesday, 2pm
Northbridge Library Northbridge Book Club 3rd Wednesday, 7:30pm
Northbridge Library Northbridge Book Club 2nd Thursday, 6:30pm
Northbridge Library Northbridge Book Club 4th Thursday, 6:30pm
West Chatswood Library West Chatswood Library Book Club 2nd Thursday, 10:30am